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HealthChampion Reinforces Company’s Commitment to ‘Thinking Healthier’ with New Name, Calcium

HealthChampion, a digital health analytics and data management company, has changed its name and is now called Calcium. The company will continue to empower healthier lives with intuitive digital tools. The company rebrand was effective Dec. 11, 2021. “We’re thrilled to begin this new journey with our customers as Calcium,” says Sid Bala, President of […]

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      HealthChampion Reinforces Company’s Commitment to ‘Thinking Healthier’ with New Name, Calcium

      HealthChampion, a digital health analytics and data management company, has changed its name and is now called Calcium. The company will continue to empower healthier lives with intuitive digital tools. The company rebrand was effective Dec. 11, 2021. “We’re thrilled to begin this new journey with our customers as Calcium,” says Sid Bala, President of […]

      President Calcium

      Calcium Growth Continues With Naming Sid Bala as President

      Health-tech Veteran Leading Company’s Expansion Calcium, a leading digital health analytics company, is pleased to announce Sid Bala has been named president. Bala has served as a board member since June 2020. He started as president of Calcium in August 2021. “I am inspired every day to be part of a company that is positively […]

      covid card abstract

      Calcium Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Card Secure Upload

      Privacy and HIPAA compliance drivers for new free feature Calcium, a leading digital health, and analytics company announced today the release of its secure COVID-19 vaccination card upload feature in its mobile app. Leveraging the existing platform that has been utilized by employers nationwide for symptom assessment since the start of the pandemic, and later, […]

      Featured - Why don't hypertension patients stay on their treatment plan?

      Why Don’t Hypertension Patients Follow Their Treatment Plans?

      Healthcare Professionals Know How to Treat Hypertension — The Real Challenge Is Changing Patient Behavior   To move the needle on this costly disease now affecting more than half of all adults in the U.S., a hypertension diagnosis and prescription are not enough. We need to address a patient’s mindset and motivation with as much […]

      Top Cities for Hypertension - featured image

      U.S. Cities With the Highest Rates of Hypertension

      In the last months of his tenure, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams issued a call to action against the nation’s most prevalent and treatable chronic health condition. Also known as high blood pressure, hypertension has become an all too common health condition in the United States and around the globe. What percentage of Americans have […]

      Featured - U.S. Counties Where Chronic Diseases are Most Prevalent

      Calcium Releases Study of U.S. Counties with Highest (and Lowest) Prevalence of Chronic Diseases

      While most of the high-prevalence counties are concentrated in the South, chronic conditions are trending up across the nation. Calcium, a leading digital health, and analytics company, has published a study of the counties in the U.S. with the highest prevalence of chronic health conditions. The report, along with an infographic map is available for […]

      The Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures - featured image

      The Most Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures in the United States

      Since its emergence in the late 1960s, modern plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in the United States. Many would say, it is now commonplace and widely accepted. From celebrities who have been vocal about their cosmetic procedures to reality television shows about plastic surgery addiction, cosmetic surgeries are not nearly as unusual as they […]

      Calcium Blood pressure 2 scaled

      Understanding What Your Blood Pressure Readings Actually Mean — And How to Manage Your BP for Better Health

      Learn about the history of blood pressure readings and what they actually measure Checking your blood pressure is a required part of every check-up with your primary physician, as well as every visit to the emergency room or urgent care clinic. And if you have to stay in the hospital, you can expect you’re attending […]

      Featured - U.S. Counties Where Chronic Diseases are Most Prevalent

      Counties Where Chronic Diseases Are Most Prevalent in the U.S

      While most of the counties with the highest prevalence of chronic illnesses are concentrated in the South, chronic conditions have been trending up across the entire U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6 in 10 Americans have a chronic disease, and 4 in 10 Americans are living with at least two […]

      New Provider Platform Featured Image

      Calcium Launches New Provider Platform for Empowering and Guiding Patients with Chronic Conditions

      Finally, A Smarter Approach to Care Management for Chronic Illnesses Calcium, a leading digital health, and analytics company has announced the launch of its revolutionary Chronic Care solution, a robust platform for healthcare providers and their chronic illness patients. According to a 2017 RAND study, 60% of Americans live with at least one chronic condition. […]

      Workforce to be Vaccinated Calcium scaled

      Can Employers Require COVID-19 Vaccination Before Allowing Their Workers to Return?

      The short answer is that it’s complicated: there are several issues to be considered before requiring your workforce to vaccinate. The increasing availability of COVID-19 vaccines, along with the recent FDA “emergency use authorization (EUA)” approval for a third COVID-19 vaccine, is giving organizations and businesses hope that a return to normal operations may soon […]

      COVID19 Vaccination for Employers Featured scaled

      An Overview of COVID-19 Vaccination for Employers (and Employees)

      A handy guide for businesses and organizations planning their return to full normal The past year has been a crash course in advanced workplace safety and workforce health, in the face of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, for employers of all sizes. Most employers now know more about pandemics, viruses, and public health protocols than they […]

      employee safety fear 1 scaled

      Easing Your Employees’ Very Valid Reluctance to Returning to the Office

      A recent study found that nearly 71% of workers in the U.S. do not feel completely safe in their employers’ facilities. The good news is that there are tangible steps that businesses and organizations can take to relieve much of their employees’ fears. It’s no surprise to most American workers that so many of their […]

      covid workplace featured image scaled

      Allowing Workplace Visitors During the COVID Pandemic

      When it comes to visiting clients or vendors, how do businesses keep their workers and facilities safe from potential COVID exposure? As a business leader and manager, you have two fundamental challenges when it comes to safeguarding your employees during this coronavirus crisis: Do everything you can to prevent the COVID virus from entering your worksite or facility Do […]

      Board Member Announcement Featured scaled

      Calcium Appoints Jordan Dolin to Board of Directors

      Calcium Appoints Jordan Dolin to Board of Directors: Thirty-year, three-time startup veteran joins the leadership team Calcium, a digital health analytics company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform, today announced the appointment of Jordan Dolin, an intrepid entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience as a founder and operator. He has [...]

      covid and hipaa feature image scaled

      HIPAA and COVID-19: What Businesses and Employers Need to Know About Privacy as They Combat COVID

      While HIPAA regulations do impact how employers handle protected health information, the good news is that businesses have some latitude when it comes to COVID-19. The need to protect workers and workplaces has raised questions among many HR professionals and business leaders about the impact of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) on new […]

      Pre op article image header scaled

      How Pre-Op Guidance Can Lower Post-Op Complications / Readmittance

      Post-operation complications, especially those that result in having the discharged patient readmitted to a hospital or health system emergency room, significantly impact a surgical center's record, reputation, and overall effectiveness. Taking steps to drive down post-op readmittance is essential. Modern surgical centers and clinics have invested much time and money.   While much of the effort [...]

      Post op article image header scaled

      Preventing Post-Op Admissions Due to Preventable Complications: A Guide for Surgical Centers and Clinics

      Preventable complications that arise after surgery and discharge can come very close to being malpractice. Here, "preventable" is the operative word.    Complications will happen whenever interventions that impact the human organ systems intrude on the anatomical and physiological processes of the dynamic human physiology. That is the nature of surgery.    Thankfully, with the establishment of [...]

      Brian Shannon Perioperative solution for providers featured img scaled

      Calcium Names Brian Shannon Managing Partner, Sales

      Twenty-year healthcare sales veteran joins leadership team, guides rollout of platform’s new perioperative care offering. Calcium, a digital health analytics company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform, today announced the newest member of its leadership team Brian Shannon, who will serve as Managing Partner, Sales. Reporting directly to Calcium’s CEO Terrence M. [...]

      Depositphotos 212182062 xl 2015 1 1 scaled

      Calcium Announces $5M Seed Funding

      Digital health analytics company empowers consumers to own their health data. Calcium, a digital health analytics company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform, announces the closing of $5 million in seed round funding. Since its founding in 2018, the Calcium platform has connected tens of thousands of consumers to their own health […]

      Preparing for Wave2 Featured1 scaled

      Preparing for Wave 2: What Employers Can Do to Get Ahead This Fall

      As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the world, it leaves behind a chaotic trail in its wake, causing loss of employment, loss of economic stability, and devastating loss of life. As a global population, we were caught unaware. However, as the months passed, many countries relaxed “lockdown” rules and “stay at home” mandates […]

      Reception Thumbnail

      Calcium Finalizes Acquisition of alligatortek

      alligatortek CEO Joins Company’s Board of Directors Calcium, a digital health analytics company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform, today announced the completion of its acquisition of alligatortek, an award-winning software development company and Microsoft partner, also headquartered in Chicago.  As part of the acquisition, alligatortek President and CEO Sid Bala will [...]

      Inaugural Expert Advisory Board

      Calcium Announces Inaugural Expert Advisory Board

      Leaders in healthcare, technology tapped to guide product innovation Calcium, a digital health analytics company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform, today announced the formation of its Advisory Board comprised of physicians, healthcare experts, and technology innovators.  The Advisory Board will serve to inform Calcium’s product development and business strategy as it […]

      Pure Michigan

      What Michigan businesses need to know and do as they return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic

      The roadmap for reopening and re-engaging Michigan’s economy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has been published. Is your company ready? As the global COVID-19 pandemic deepened, Michigan enacted one of the strictest stay-at-home orders in the nation, starting on March 24. Nearly three months later, as Michigan businesses start returning to work or […]

      checklist HR

      A COVID-19 Checklist for Human Resources Directors and Managers

      As companies across the country begin to reopen or ramp up operations, the job of ensuring that employees are kept safe typically fall on the shoulder of human resources professionals. And it hasn’t been an easy task. Business leaders are increasingly turning to their HR, personnel or people programs department managers to… Stay on top […]

      Meeting Thumbnail

      Calcium Appoints John Papadia to Board of Directors

      Data analytics veteran will help guide rollout strategy of platform that provides automatic access to health records and remote care capabilities Calcium, a digital health analytics company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform, today announced the appointment of John Papadia, founder of Nousot, which builds AI-powered predictive analytics solutions, to its board of […]

      employee screening

      COVID-19 employee screening tips to prevent this pandemic from entering your offices, facilities and worksites

      While not foolproof, daily employee pre-screening for COVID-19 symptoms is important for lowering the risk of exposure for all employees The need to transition back to work is clear for most businesses. But how can businesses re-open or continue to operate safely when we’re still in the first wave of this pandemic? The answer will […]

      Calcium - Review

      Mobile App Daily explores the winning features of the Calcium health app

      Mobile App Daily recently published its deep dive in the Calcium digital health app for consumers and praised the app’s robust functionality, especially for individuals concerned about COVID-19’s impact on their family. With this app, your health data is always in focus. This app is a medicine tracker and maintains your electronic health record so […]


      Calcium Announces Acquisition of alligatortek

      Move will quadruple team to accelerate delivery of its platform which provides automatic access to health records and remote care capabilities Chicago, IL – April 21, 2020 – Calcium, a digital health analytics company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform, today announced it will be acquiring alligatortek, an award-winning software development company and […]

      Calcium App

      Cult of Mac features Calcium among health apps of the week

      The Calcium digital health app for consumers was recently included in Charlie Sorrel’s list of best health and home tracking apps available in the App Store (iOS). With more than 3.5 million visitors each month, Cult of Mac is one of the top tech news resource for Apple users. For more information, check out the […]

      history of surgery

      A History of Surgery: Surgical Techniques from Ancient Egypt to Islam’s Golden Age and Dawn of Modern Medicine

      Surgery is commonplace today. But surgical procedures have been practiced since ancient times. Surgical procedures has primarily been the technique that doctors use to treat health issues connected with a disease or injury, but it is also a method for diagnosing a health problem. But not always. In the past century, surgery has increasingly been […]

      Depositphotos 125884562 L

      Tapscape touts the Calcium app for its health data and care management functions

      The Calcium digital health app for consumers was recently reviewed by Maya Gul, of Australia-based Tapscape. Her review focused on the app’s ability to integrate and manage health data and medical records from multiple sources. With Calcium, you only need one app to handle your medical records, view your fitness data and medical devices, and […]

      IGeeksblog Raves About Calcium Symptom Tracking Thumbnail

      iGeeksBlog raves about Calcium’s COVID-19 symptom tracking features

      The Calcium consumer health app was featured today in a glowing review by the editor of iGeeksBlog. After analyzing Calcium’s ability to track medical records and integrate health data, his verdict underlined the promise that Calcium offers to both consumers and healthcare providers. Calcium is a proficient health guide that can prove to be immensely […]

      Depositphotos 92751496 S

      iPhoneGlance applauds the Calcium app for its COVID-19 solution

      Amid our current Coronavirus crisis, the new COVID-19 symptom-tracking features in the Calcium digital health app for consumer was a winner for iPhoneGlance, in its recent review. We are currently facing a global pandemic and every news channel and social media platform is talking about the very serious virus that seems to have grip all […]

      Android Headlines Calcium Thumbnail

      Android Headlines Hails Calcium’s free COVID-19 symptom tracker

      The Calcium digital health app for consumers received another positive review today, this time from Android Headlines. It’s a perfect tool for pretty much anybody, whether you’re a super-fit running enthusiast looking to shave seconds off your 10k time or a person living with a chronic condition, such as asthma, diabetes, or obesity, who needs […]

      Depositphotos 169363668 S

      App Advice assesses updates to Calcium’s digital health app for consumers

      The App Advice staff recently joined other app review publications in reviewing the updated Calcium digital health app for consumers. Calcium is the ideal tool for just about anybody, from fit and active adults looking to maximize their performance to people with chronic illnesses who need clinically designed care pathways to help them manage their […]

      NBC Calcium

      Calcium on NBC: Health at home in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

      Terrence M. Ryan, CEO of Calcium, was recently interviewed by NBC 5 Chicago’s Charlie Wojciechowski to discuss the increasing demand for supporting your health at home in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what they had to say. Chicago-based Calcium helps you manage your medical data. That is especially important now, according to company CEO Terrence […]


      Calcium Offers Free Access to COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

      Essential businesses can also use app to support employees’ health and manage reporting requirements CHICAGO,  IL –  Calcium, a digital health analytics company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform, today announced it is offering free access to its new COVID-19 tracker with symptom assessment. Since the explosive spread of the novel coronavirus across […]

      Health Heal Thumbnail Calcium

      COVID-19 Pandemic: Why Patients Need to Control Their Own Health Data

      We’re in the throes of a global pandemic. Healthcare providers must focus on fighting COVID-19, but we can’t afford to ignore the reason we’re going into this fight blind. Our best weapon is our own healthcare data. We are going to learn many things from this pandemic, not least of which is that the way we […]

      ILounge Thumbnail Calcium

      iLounge publishes a review of the Calcium digital health app

      During its recent review of the updated Calcium digital health app for consumers, the iLounge team found most valuable our family medical records and health data management (and sharing) functionalities. Calcium keeps all your medical and health data in one platform. Not only that, but it supports health trackers and devices as well. Your e-health […]

      Gamification Thumbnail

      One-size-fits-all gamification is not enough to improve patient outcomes

      Around one in three of all adults suffer from multiple chronic conditions, many of which can be avoided or whose symptoms can be mitigated through diet and exercise. Medical professionals have long understood that patient engagement and adherence is the simplest solution to improving our population’s health. Contrary to what some may believe, however, the […]

      low impact exercises blog FI scaled

      Low-Impact Exercises for Health and Wellness

      Low-impact exercise is a form of exercise that involves less impact with the floor or the ground and less strain on your joints. High-impact exercises such as running and performing jumping jacks are higher in intensity and harder on the body. Some exercises, such as swimming or biking, are no-impact, meaning that these movements don’t […]

      Reception Thumbnail

      As National Demand for Consumer-Driven Healthcare Grows, Calcium Opens New Corporate Headquarters in Chicago

      Learn More About Open Roles and Partnership Opportunities Calcium, a digital health analytics company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform, today announced the formal launch of its headquarters in Chicago. The news follows a year of strong business growth and momentum for the company’s people-driven health movement. The new space has been designed [...]

      50StartupstoWatch Thumbnail

      Built In Chicago: 50 Startups to Watch 2020

      Technology is Chicago’s fastest-growing industry sector, having grown more 270 percent over the last decade, according to World Business Chicago. And 2019 was a model year that not only encapsulated the growth of technology in the city but also positioned Chicago for further success in 2020 and beyond. Influential leaders in tech launched Chicago’s Plan for 2033, […]

      Electronic Health Reporter 2020

      Electronic Health Reporter: Health IT Trends In 2020

      Electronic Health Reporter recently caught up with a number of health tech leaders to discuss IT trends to anticipate in 2020. Feedback included thoughts from our own CEO, Terrence M. Ryan. Terrence M. Ryan, CEO, Calcium Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Solutions – platforms that aggregate large amounts of patient data, like EHRs/EMRs, will continue […]

      maintaining health during pandemic blog Featured

      Maintaining Your Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

      The COVID-19 pandemic has presented people around the world with both physical and mental health challenges. Staying strong and healthy both physically and emotionally while social distancing can be difficult. If circumstances force you to quarantine, look for ways to stay connected virtually with others even if you can’t visit with people outside of your […]

      Low Income Gap Thumbnail

      Can digital health bridge the low-income gap?

      We’ve known for a few years that income correlates with health in a major way. From the length of life to stroke risk to self-reported health status, the more access, opportunity, and means of upward mobility a person has, the better their projected health outcomes.  Waves of organizations are stepping up to help put things on a […]

      Calcium’s partner program Thumbnail

      Calcium partners with Validic to give consumers and providers access and insight into health data

      Validic becomes first company to join Calcium’s partner program for companies committed to enabling people to own their health Calcium, the first platform giving people unprecedented control over their health information to improve their individual health goals and outcomes, today announced a new partnership with Validic, a streaming platform that connects personal health data from […]

      Health Data

      Media Post: Google to analyze millions of healthcare records, demonstrates intentions for Fitbit data

      Calcium’s CEO, Terrence M. Ryan, shared his thoughts on Google’s partnership with Ascension in a recent MediaPost article. Here’s what Terry had to say: Terry Ryan, CEO and founder of Calcium, a health data management platform that already pulls in information from wearables, apps, medical devices, healthcare providers, said the “P” in the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) stands for portability, not privacy. […]

      Doctor with HCApp Thumbnail

      Treating the smartphone generation: How doctors are embracing mHealth to improve patient care

      It’s been just more than a decade since the iPhone made its debut, but it’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t rely on our smartphones for nearly all aspects of our lives.  According to the Pew Research Center, the share of Americans that own smartphones is now 77 percent, and we are using them for far […]

      Spiraling Healthcare Costs Thumbnail

      Spiraling healthcare costs: New solutions to an old problem are emerging

      No one would buy a new car without doing some research, shopping around and taking a test drive. So why do Americans seem to accept the high costs of healthcare without conducting the same research? In comparison to other developed countries we use the same amount and receive the same quality of healthcare services. But […]


      Making sense of the healthcare ecosystem and how technology is enabling people-driven health

      Healthcare used to be much easier. The “ecosystem” consisted of you—the patient—and your doctor, the provider. If you needed medical attention or required a hospital stay, your doctor was in charge of coordinating your care. Healthcare works best when all stakeholders are aligned around a proactive patient, within an ecosystem that supports success. In an […]

      Event Invite Thumbnail

      Startup Milwaukee Week: Solving the technical interview

      Startup Milwaukee Week is designed to connect, educate, and celebrate entrepreneurship in Southeast Wisconsin. The week’s programming showcases the community’s emerging companies while highlighting the resources and organizations available to foster support for entrepreneurs on their journey. The week will feature 40+ events hosted by 40+ partner organizations in the community. Join us Friday, November 15th […]

      digital health age

      Digital Health Age: How a data gathering service aims to make people health champions

      Ian Bolland spoke to Terrence Ryan, CEO and founder of Calcium. The company looks to gather health data from apps, medical devices and wearables, and give consumers tools to use their EHRs to monitor, manage and optimise their health. Tell us about Calcium. Where did the idea come from? I have spent a few decades […]

      common threat

      3 common threats to healthcare privacy

      It’s a normal day, John strolls into his clinic clutching a steaming cup of coffee, as the beams of sunlight reflect from the tall glass windows that surround the reception area. Everything is as usual, a typical day in the life of a healthcare worker. John enters the front door and, as the morning reflections […]

      heallthy snack ideas

      Good Health in School: Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Kid

      As every parent knows, kids have tremendous energy and are constantly growing. And all that energy and growth requires a lot of feeding and eating. Our children’s brains also need to stay engaged when they’re learning all day, and this requires a healthy diet filled with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. To protect kids’ health […]

      Why consumer health data is the key to people-driven health Thumbnail

      Why consumer health data is the key to people-driven health

      Digital technology and the age of big data have disrupted nearly every industry, and healthcare is no exception. While there have been cutting edge advancements to nearly all aspects of care, a significant gap remains between the promise of what is possible.   That gap is particularly wide when we consider the reality of what patients experience in today’s healthcare ecosystem, especially when […]

      Crain's Chicago Calcium

      Crain’s Chicago Business: Notable Entrepreneurs

      Crain’s Chicago released their 2019 Notable Entrepreneurs list, which includes the top 44 business people who have identified needs and opportunities in the market, organized and run companies, and taken on greater than normal financial risks. Terry Ryan, founder and CEO of Calcium, was named a notable entrepreneur on the Crain’s top 44 business people list.   Terry […]

      Cyber Security Thumbnail

      Business Insider: Nick Biernat on cybersecurity in healthcare

      Nick Biernat, Manager of Information Services and Compliance of Calcium recently shared his insights with Business Insider Intelligence. Here’s what the pros are saying: What’s the biggest contributor to the poor state of cybersecurity in healthcare? Currently the biggest contributor to the poor state of cybersecurity in healthcare is a lack of awareness and training. […]

      Digital Boom and Healthcare Thumbnail

      Business Insider: Terrence M. Ryan on the digital boom and healthcare

      Terry Ryan, CEO of Calcium, recently provided his insights to Business Insider Intelligence along with Patrick de la Roza, Co-Founder and CEO of EASE. Here are some of their thoughts about the areas of healthcare yet to be impacted by the digital boom. They discuss on critical areas such as Chronic Care Management, Hospice Care […]

      Healthcare Security Thumbnail

      Delusions of data accessibility: A healthcare placebo

      Accessing our healthcare records should be as easy as finding out our credit score. Recent legislation — such as the recently publicly-commented on HHS proposal — is finally a step in the right direction. The rules would do what the government initially intended over a decade ago — to “promote patient access to and control over their […]

      Calcium Launches HIPAA-Compliant COVID-19 Screening App Thumbnail

      Calcium Launches HIPAA-Compliant COVID-19 Screening App for Employers

      Easy-to-use and customizable app pre-screens employees before they come to work Calcium has announced the launch of its HIPAA-compliant COVID-19 solution for businesses and organizations returning to work or ramping up during the pandemic.  The app allows employees to prescreen themselves in less than a minute, before they leave for work. The solution also provides employers with a dashboard [...]


      What’s in my electronic health record (EHR) and who can access it?

      Understanding and harnessing the powerful potential of EHRs The U.S. and much of the world is undergoing a profound transformation in how medical and health records are created, stored, used and shared. The digitization of health records has been a huge and expensive undertaking, but at least in the U.S., almost 99% of health systems, […]

      Blood Test Thumbnail Calcium

      What are your blood test results telling you?

      Understanding blood tests and what those elements and numbers on your results mean. Have you ever felt confused when reviewing your blood test results? You’re not alone. Even medical professionals needed time and training to fully understand what the results really mean. For starters, there are different types of blood tests. But regardless of the […]

      Compliancy Group

      Full HIPAA compliance verification for Calcium

      Calcium Continues Meeting High Standards for Consumer Protection For Immediate Release Calcium — the world’s first platform giving people unprecedented control over their healthcare information to improve their individual health goals and outcomes — is now fully HIPAA compliant. With the fundamental belief that people should be able to access their own health data as [...]

      Personal Health Records Thumbnail

      What are personal health records?

      Why Consumers Need to Take Control of Their PHR Remember the last time you were sick and had to go to your doctor or even hospital? The nurses and physicians probably bombarded you with questions, conducted physical exams and maybe even ran some blood tests. Their notes, test results, diagnoses, prescriptions and treatment all went into your […]

      Security HIPPA Thumbnail

      Now 2 decades old, does HIPAA have the muscle to protect patient rights?

      Critics contend that some parts of HIPAA are hindering health tech innovation, while others argue it doesn’t protect privacy on emerging channels. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, has been one of the most hotly debated pieces of healthcare legislation ever since it was enacted in 1996. It was originally designed to protect […]

      Population Thumbnail

      3 Ways technology is returning individuals to the center of population health

      Returning patients to the center of population health — and empowering them with the right tools — can help solve many challenges faced by population health programs. Ever since Greg Stoddart coined the term “population health” in 2002, health organizations, providers and payers have been continuously learning more about its dynamics, the constant challenges that […]

      Military Thumbnail

      Too heavy to fight: How the obesity epidemic is threatening U.S. national security

      The obesity epidemic has decreased the number of young Americans able to meet the physical conditioning requirements of the U.S. military. Obesity is no longer just a population health challenge. This nationwide epidemic is now an emerging national security threat. Almost one-third of American youth are unable to join the military due to being overweight. […]

      Blog Data Interoperability Barriers to People Driven Health Thumbnail

      Despite more data than ever, interoperability remains a barrier to patient-driven health

      The people-driven healthcare movement holds great promise as a solution to today’s broken healthcare system. By empowering patients to take control of their own healthcare decisions and costs, we can improve quality of care, increase the efficiency of our healthcare system and tackle skyrocketing healthcare costs. But to unlock the true potential, we’ll first need […]

      Madison Wisconsin

      WisconsinInno spotlights Calcium launch

      Terrence Ryan believes accessing personal health data should be as easy as accessing your credit score. As published in WisconsinInno:, for anyone who has struggled to obtain their healthcare records from various physicians, specialists, hospitals and insurance companies, it sounds like a lofty proposition. But for Ryan, the skepticism is just further proof of […]

      Milwaukee Skyline

      Calcium opens new office in Milwaukee

      Chicago-based Consumer Health-Tech Startup Will Double in Size in 2019 Milwaukee, Wisc. March 18, 2019 – Calcium, the world’s first healthcare platform to give consumers unprecedented control over their healthcare information, announces the opening of its Milwaukee office. Calcium believes accessing your health data and score should be as easy as accessing your credit score. […]

      BizTimes Milwaukee

      Consumer health startup opens Milwaukee office

      Calcium Consolidates Patient Records Calcium, a Chicago-based consumer health startup, has opened an office at 234 Florida St. in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood. The 4,000-square-foot office currently houses 20 employees, and the company plans to hire another 20 Milwaukee employees this year, said Terrence Ryan, chief executive officer and founding partner of Calcium. It has about […]

      being mindful featured1

      Health and Wellness: Mindfulness Resources

      “Mindfulness” has become a common buzzword in many health-related conversations, but understanding what this word really means can help you to improve your way of life. Being mindful or aware of where you are, what you’re thinking, and what you’re doing is the essence of mindfulness. Everyone can be mindful with some effort, but it’s […]

      Girl Thumbnail

      Blogher Conference

      We are eager to meet with entrepreneurs, content creators, media makers, bloggers, and influencers at the Blogher Conference 2019. Here at Calcium we understand that there isn’t just one path to reaching your health destiny. Wellness is multifaceted and can be an empowering community effort. Join us at the conference to learn more about our vision […]

      Why isn’t our healthcare system easier and more transparent Thumbnail

      Why isn’t our healthcare system easier and more transparent?

      Today’s Health Consumers Want Easy Access to True Costs and Quality Services When we purchase something at a store, we’re given the price before we decide to buy. But when we go into the doctor’s office, we’re provided a service where we may (or may not) pay out of pocket or we have a co-pay […]

      Personal accountability

      Getting personal with healthcare accountability

      Under our current complex healthcare system, costs have spiraled out of control and consumers are increasingly disconnected from the providers and services they need to manage healthcare for themselves and their families. People-driven health seeks to empower and encourage consumers to take ownership of their own health journey. We believe it can be the solution […]

      We Need People Driven Healthcare Thumbnail

      We need people-driven healthcare now more than ever

      “Sir, Maybe You Should Be More Responsible For Your Own Healthcare.” As many of you know, I’m a serial entrepreneur. But that’s not why I’m launching Calcium. The impetus for this new adventure came a year ago as I underwent a familiar struggle for many healthcare consumers. “Sir, maybe you should be more responsible for […]

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